Index Of Film Titles (121)

On Robert Katz Film List

A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Alice (Neco z Alenky)
Allegro Non Troppo
Angels In America
Babylon 5
Bagdad Cafe (Out Of Rosenheim)
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset
Being John Malkovich
Benny And Joon
Bicentennial Man
Bring Me The Head Of
   Alfredo Garcia

Burnt By The Sun (Soleil Trom-
   peur/Utomlyonnye Solntsem)

Central Station (Central Do Brasil)
Children Of Paradise
   (Enfants du paradis, Les)

Chorus, The (Les Choristes)
Cinema Paradiso
   (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso)

Company, The
Connie And Carla
Coupling (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4)
Dancer In The Dark
Dark Star
Darkness Light Darkness
   (Tma Svetlo Tma)

Decalogue, The (Dekalog)
Delicate Art Of Parking, The
Dogville (Film 1 of USA -
   Land of Opportunities Trilogy)

English Patient, The
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless

Family Guy
Fanny And Alexander
   (Fanny Och Alexander)

Final Cut, The
Finding Neverland
Fish Called Wanda, A
Freaks And Geeks
Funny Bones
Gods Must Be Crazy, The
Gosford Park
Grave Of the Fireflies (Hotaru No Haka)
Green Mile, The
Hairdresser's Husband, The
   (Mari De La Coiffeuse, Le)

Happy Accidents
Harold And Maude
Head-On (Gegen Die Wand)
Hester Street
Iceman Cometh, The
Icicle Thief, The (Ladri Di Saponette)
In July (Im Juli)
Into The Night
Jacob's Ladder
Japanese Story
Job, The (Complete Series)
Kitchen Stories (Salmer Fra Kjokkenet)
Koyaanisqatsi Life Out Of Balance
La Femme Nikita
Last Life In The Universe
   (Ruang Rak Noi Nid Mahasan)

Last Seduction, The
Le Bal
League Of Their Own, A
Leon, The Professional
Lulu On The Bridge
Me And You And Everyone We Know
Melinda And Melinda
Metropolis (Osamu Tezuka's

Midnight Clear, A
Minority Report
Montenegro (- Or Pigs and Pearls)
Motorcycle Diaries, The (Diarios De Motocicleta)
Mr. Hulot's Holiday (Vacances de M. Hulot, Les)
My Other Husband (Attention! Une femme
   peut en cacher une autre)

My So-Called Life
My Uncle (Mon Uncle)
Noises Off
Notti Bianche, Le (Nuits blanches; White Nights)
Off The Map
Once Upon A Time In America
Once Upon A Time In The West
   (C'era una volta il West)

Open Your Eyes (Abre Los Ojos)
Pennies From Heaven (1978)
Pennies From Heaven (1981)
Princess Bride, The
Red Rock West
Rescue Me (Seasons 1, 2)
Sea Inside, The (Mar Adentro)
Shawshank Redemption, The
Significant Others
>  6ixtynin9 (Ruang Talok 69)
Spirited Away (Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... And Spring
(Bom Yeoreum Gaeul Gyeoul Geurigo Bom)

Story Of Weeping Camel, The
Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Tampopo (Dandelion)
They All Laughed
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould
Three Colors: Blue (Trois Coleurs: Bleu)
Three Colors: Red (Trois Coleurs: Rouge)
Three Colors: White (Trois Coleurs: Blanc,
   Trzy Kolory: Bialy)

3-Iron (Bin-Yip)
Unbearable Lightness Of Being, The
Unstrung Heroes
Volere, Volare (To Want To Fly)
Way Things Go, The (Lauf der Dinge, Der)
Whale Rider (Te Kaieke Tohora)
Wild Bunch, The
Zhou Yu's Train (Zhou Yu De Huo Che)