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"What you keep to yourself you lose, what you give away, you keep forever." -- Axel Munthe

Web Online Comics

(blue dot) Achewood - Online Comics (Chris Onsted)

(blue dot) Basic Instructions - Online Comics (Scott Meyer)

(blue dot) Bite Me - Online Comics [Weekly On Fridays] (Dylan Meconis)

(blue dot) Bleeker, The Rechargeable Dog - Online Comics (Jonathan Mahood)

(blue dot) - Online Comics (Ryan Pagelow) 2014 NCS Reuben Award

(blue dot) - Online Comics (David Troupes)

(blue dot) - Online Comics (Kris Straub)

(blue dot) Circle Weave, The - Online Comics (Indigo Kelleigh)

(blue dot) Classic Fred The Clown (Part Of The Hotel Fred)- Online Comics Tuesdays Through Fridays (Roger Langridge)

(blue dot) Copper - Online Comics (Kazu Kibuishi)

(blue dot) Creepy Casefiles Of Margo Maloo - Online Comics Updates Tuesdays And Thursdays (Drew Weing) 2016 NCS Reuben Award

(blue dot) Cyanide And Happiness - Online Comics (Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin And Dave McElfatrick)

(blue dot) Dice Box - Online Comics (Jenn Manley Lee)

(blue dot) Diesel Sweeties Online Comics (Richard Stevens)

(blue dot) Dinosaur Comics - Online Comics (Ryan North)

(blue dot) Doctor Fun - Online Comics (Dave Farley) (1993-2006 Archive Only)

(blue dot) Doghouse Diaries - Online Comics (Ray, Will And Raf) [Frozen at August 13, 2015]

(blue dot) Electric Sheep Comix - Online Comics: Spider, Barracuda, Delta Thrives (Patrick Farley)

(blue dot) Erasable Games Web Comics (Robert Katz)

(blue dot) Freefall Comics - Online Comics: (Mark Stanley)

(blue dot) Get Your War On - Online Comics: (David Rees)

>  (blue dot) Homestruck - Online Comic: (Andrew Hussie)

(blue dot) In Contempt - Online Comics: 2000-2004 (Kevin Moore)

(blue dot) Indexed - Online Comics: (Jessica Hagy)

(blue dot) Joy Of Tech, The - An Online Comic (Nitrozac And Snaggy)

(blue dot) Kevin And Kell - An Online Comic (Bill Holbrook)

(blue dot) Keyword Cartoons: Adventures Of GGirl; Panels Based On High Paying Google Ad Sense Key Words (Andrea Harner)

(blue dot) L'il Mel - Online Comics (Shaenon K. Garrity and Vera Brosgol)

(blue dot) Magic Inkwell - An Online Comic (Cayetano Garza Jr.)

(blue dot) Married To The Sea - An Online Comic ("Drew" and "Natalie")

(blue dot) - An Online Comic (Fred Gallagher)

(blue dot) Multitouch Theatre - An Online Comic (Rich Stevens)

(blue dot) Natalie Dee - An Online Comic ("Natalie")

(blue dot) Nietsche Family Circus - An Online Comic (Ron, Ryan, Victor As Well As Jeff And Bill Keane)

(blue dot) Nobody Scores - An Online Comic (Brandon Bolt)

(blue dot) Nowhere Girl - An Online Comic (Justine Shaw)

(blue dot) Oatmeal, The ( - An Online Comic (Matthew Inman)

(blue dot) - An Online Comic (Meredith Gran)

(blue dot) OMG Check Please ( - An Online Comic (Ngozi Ukasu) 2017 NCS Reuben Award

(blue dot) Online Comics Listings (Scott McCloud)

(blue dot) Order Of The Stick (Rich Burlew)

(blue dot) Penny-Arcade - An Online Comic (Michael Krahulik and Jerry Holkins)

(blue dot) Perry Bible Fellowship, The - An Online Comic (Nicholas Gurewitch)

(blue dot) Platinum Grit - An Online Comic (Trudy Cooper And Danny Murphy)

(blue dot) Questionable Content - An Online Comic (Jeph Jacques)

(blue dot) Savage -- Cartoons On Sticky Notes Online Comics (Doug Savage)

(blue dot) Scary Go - Online Comics (John Allison)

(blue dot) Scott McCloud - An Online Comic (Scott McCloud)

(blue dot) Secret Life Of - An Online Comic (Tim Hunkin)

(blue dot) Sheldon - An Online Comic (Dave Kellett) 2016 NCS Reuben Award

(blue dot) - An Online Comic (Tatsuya Ishida)

(blue dot) - An Online Weekly Comic (Jen Sorensen)

(blue dot) Sluggy Freelance - An Online Comic (Pete Abrams)

(blue dot) Small Stories - An Online Comic (Derek Kirk Kim)

(blue dot) - An Online Comic (Emily Horne And Joey Comeau)

(blue dot) Stand Still, Stay Silent - An Online Comic (Minna Sundberg) 2015 NCS Reuben Award

(blue dot) - An Online Comic (Kris Straub)

(blue dot) Toothpaste For Dinner - An Online Comic ("Drew")

(blue dot) - An Online Comic (Gene Ambaum And Bill Barnes)

(blue dot) User Friendly - An Online Comic (J. D. "Illiad" Fraser)

(blue dot) What-If.Xkcd - A Weekly Geeky Online Comic (Randall Munroe) Updates Tuesdays

(blue dot) Wigu - An Online Comic (Jeff Rowland)

(blue dot) Wondermark - An Online Comic (David Malki)

(blue dot) Xkcd - A Geeky Online Comic (Randall Munroe) Updates Mondays, Wednesdays And Fridays

(blue dot) - Argon Zark, An Online Comic (Charles A. Parker)

Newspaper Comic Strips

(red dot) Adam@home (Rob Harrell, Previously By Brian Bassett)

(red dot) Andy Capp (Ron Smythe)

(red dot) Arctic Circle (Alex Hallatt)

(red dot) Baby Blues (Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) 2001 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) B.C. (Johnny Hart [1931-2007] ) 1968 NCS Reuben Award

(green dot) Bad Reporter (Don Asmussen)

(red dot) Beetle Bailey (Mort Walker) 1953 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Ben (Daniel Shelton)

(red dot) Between Friends (Sandra Bell-Lundy)

(red dot) Blondie (Dean Young and Dennis Lebrun) 1948 NCS Reuben Award to Chic Young

(red dot) Bloom County 2015 (Berkeley Breathed)

(red dot) Boondocks (Aaron McGruder) Strip Ended November 26, 2006; Archival Reruns Only

(red dot) Born Loser, The (Chip Sansom)

(red dot) Brilliant Mind Of Edison Lee (John Hambrock)

(red dot) Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson) 1986, 1988 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Candorville (Darrin Bell)

(red dot) Cathy (Cathy Guisewite) 1993 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Cleats (Bill Hinds)

(red dot) Cul De Sac (Richard Thompson)

(red dot) Daddy's Home (Tony Rubino And Gary Markstein)

(red dot) Dilbert (Scott Adams) 1997 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Doonesberry (Garry Trudeau) 1995 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) The Duplex (Glenn McCoy) 2005 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Dustin (Steve Kelley And Jeff Parker) 2011, 2017 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Edge City Farewell Notice (Terry And Patty Laban) [Ended On 12/31/2015]

(red dot) For Better Or For Worse (Lynn Johnston)

(red dot) Foxtrot (Bill Amend) 2007 NCS Reuben Award (Sundays Only)

(red dot) Garfield (Jim Davis) 1989 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Garfield Minus Garfield (Dan Walsh)

(red dot) Get Fuzzy (Darby Conley)

(red dot) Gil (Norm Feuti)

(red dot) Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet (Peter Zale) [Archive]

(red dot) Henry (Carl Anderson)

(red dot) Invisible Bread (Justin Boyd)

(red dot) Josie Long's Another Planet (Josie Long)

(red dot) Kim And Jason (Jason Kotecki) [Archived 2000-2007]

(red dot) La Cucaracha (Lalo Alcaraz)

(red dot) Lio (Mark Tatulli) 2009 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Lola (Steven Dickenson And Todd Clark)

(red dot) Luann (Greg Evans) 2003 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Luann Againn (Greg Evans) 2003 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Maria's Day (John Zakour And Scott Roberts)

(green dot) Monty (Jim Meddick) 2008 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Mythtickle (Justin Thompson)

(red dot) Nancy (Guy and Brad Gilchrist) Originally by Ernie Bushmiller (1905-1982) who won 1976 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Nest Heads (John Allen) One Week Time Lag

(red dot) 9 Chickweed Lane (Brooke McEldowney) 2006 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Non-Sequitur (Wiley Miller) [2014 NCS Reuben Award]

(red dot) Overboard (Chip Dunham)

(red dot) Pajama Diaries (Terri Libenson) 2016 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Peanuts (Classic) (Charles Schultz (1922-2000) ) 1955, 1964 NCS Reuben Awards

(red dot) Pearls Before Swine (Stephan Pastis) 2003, 2015 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Pearls Before Swine (As Drawn By Bill Watterson) June 2-6, 2014 (See Rolling Stone Collaboration Article)

(red dot) Pickles (Brian Crane)

(red dot) Pogo (Walt Kelly [1913-1973] ) "We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us"

(red dot) Pooch Cafe (Paul Gilligan)

(red dot) Popeye (Hy Eisman)

(red dot) Pros And Cons (Kieran Meehan)

(red dot) Red And Rover (Bryan Bassett) 2013 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Reply All (Donna A. Lewis)

(red dot) Retail (Norm Feuti)

(red dot) Rhymes With Orange (Hilary Price) 2010, 2013, 2015 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Rose Is Rose (Created By Pat Brady; Don Wimmer) 2005 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Rudy Park (Darrin Bell and Theron Heir)

(red dot) Sally Forth (Francesco Marciuliano and Craig Macintosh; previously Greg Howard till 1999)

(red dot) Shoe (Chris Cassatt, Gary Brookins, Susie MacNelly, Originally Jeff MacNelly (1948-2000) ) 1978 And 1979 NCS Reuben Awards

(red dot) Stone Soup (Jan Eliot)

(red dot) Sylvia (Nicole Hollander)

(red dot) The Middletons (Ralph Dunagin And Dana Summers)

(red dot) The Norm (Michael Jantze)

(red dot) Three Panel Book Review (Lisa Brown) (Last Published June 3, 2012)

(red dot) Three Panel Book Review (Lisa Brown) (Last Published July 15, 2013 To June 15, 2014)

(red dot) Tina's Groove (Rina Piccolo)

(red dot) Too Much Coffee Man (Shannon Wheeler) (1 Day Time Delay)

(red dot) Unfit (Mike Belkin) Demise    As Of May 26, 2006. See Artist Search For Unfit Replacement

(red dot) Wizard Of Id (Brant Parker who won 1984 NCS Reuben Award; Originally by Johnny Hart [1931-2007] who won 1968 NCS Reuben Award

(red dot) Zits (Jerry Scott And Jim Borgman) 2010 NCS Reuben Award

Newspaper Cartoon Panels

(green dot) Ballard Street (Jerry Van Amerongen) 2003, 2006 NCS Reuben Award

(green dot) Birdbrains (Thom Bluemel)

(green dot) Bizarro (Dan Piraro) 2010, 2016 NCS Reuben Awards

(green dot) Bliss (Harry Bliss)

(green dot) Bottom Liners (Eric And Bill Teitelbaum)

(green dot) Bound And Gagged (Dana Summers)

(green dot) Break Of Day (Nate Fakes)

(green dot) Brevity (Guy Endore-Kaiser And Rodd Perry)

(green dot) Callahan Online (John Callahan [1951-2010] ) 2 Weeks Of Archives

(green dot) Cheap City (Michael Capozzola)

(green dot) Chuckle Bros (Brian And Ron Boychuk)

(green dot) Close To Home (John McPherson)

(green dot) Committed (Michael Fry)

(green dot) Cornered (Mike Baldwin)

(green dot) Dan's Cartoons (Dan Rosandich)

(green dot) Dennis The Menace (Marcus Hamilton) 2005 NCS Reuben Award

(green dot) Dinette Set (Julie Larson)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Chan Lowe)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Dan Wasserman)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons: Jerry Holbert (Jerry Holbert)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Dave Horsey) Won Pulitzer Prize in 2003; [Frozen At December 30, 2011] (Seattle P-I)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Dave Horsey) Won Pulitzer Prize in 2003; [Starting January 1, 2012] (Los Angeles Times)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoonist (Dick Locher) Retired May 2013

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Don Wright) Via Wayback Machine; Retired In 2012

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Drew Sheneman)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Jack Ohman)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Matt Davies)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Michael Ramirez) 2009 NCS Reuben Award

(green dot) Editorial Cartoons (Walt Handelsman)

(green dot) Editorial Cartoonist (Wayne Stayskal) Archives Up To March 25, 2010

(green dot) Family Circus (Jeff And Bill Keane)

(green dot) Farcus (David Waisglass And Gordon Coulthart)

(green dot) 5th Wave (Rich Tennant) [Every Sunday only] Frozen As Of April 25, 2010

(green dot) Flight Deck (Peter Waldner) [Stopped at March 26, 2011]

(green dot) Flying McCoys, The (Glenn And Gary McCoy) 2011 NCS Reuben Award

(green dot) F Minus (Tony Carillo)

(green dot) Frank And Ernest (Bob Thaves)

(green dot) The Fusco Brothers (J. C. Duffy)

(green dot) Herman (Jim Ungar)

(green dot) In The Bleachers (Steve Moore)

(green dot) Last Kiss (John Lustig)

(green dot) Loose Parts (Dave Blazek)

(green dot) Love Is (Originally Kim Casali Until 1997, Now Sefano Casali With Artist Bill Asprey)

(green dot) Mr. Boffo (Joe Martin)

(green dot) Mixed Media (Scott Willis And Jack Ohman)  Until October 30, 2005.

(green dot) Moderately Confused (Jeff Stahler)

(green dot) New Yorker Weekly Cartoons (Various)

(green dot) Natural Selection (Russ Wallace) (Frozen At July 27, 2010)

(green dot) Nick And Zuzu (Nick Galifianakis) 2017 NCS Reuben Award

(green dot) Off The Mark (Mark Parisi) 2009 NCS Reuben Award

(green dot) Pardon My Planet (Vic Lee)

(green dot) PC And Pixel (Thach [Tak] Bui) One Day Time Lag

(green dot) Pluggers (Gary Brookins)

(green dot) The Quigmans (Buddy Hickerson) Frozen At January 29, 2011

(green dot) Reality Check (Dave Whamond)

(green dot) Rubes (Leigh Rubin)

(green dot) Six Chix [Isabella Bannerman (Mondays), Margaret Shulock (Tuesdays),
Rina Piccolo (Wednesdays), Anne Gibbons (Thursdays), Benita
Epstein (Fridays), Stephanie Piro (Saturdays)] {2014 NCS Reuben Award}

(green dot) Speechless (Len Borozinski)

(green dot) Speed Bump (Dave Coverly) [2014 NCS Reuben Award]

(green dot) Strange Brew (John Deering)

(green dot) They'll Do It Every Time (Al Scaduto [1928-2007]) Discontinued After February 3, 2008 Wikipedia Article

(green dot) They'll Do It Every Time (Al Scaduto [1928-2007]) Discontinued After February 3, 2008

(green dot) Tundra (Chad Carpenter) 2008 NCS Reuben Award (Weekly Group With One Week Time Lag)

(green dot) Tundra (Chad Carpenter) 2008 NCS Reuben Award (Current Day)

(green dot) Triple Take (Written By Todd Clark And Illustrated By Scott Nickel) Discontinued After August 26, 2007

(green dot) Working Daze (John Zakour And Scott Roberts)

(green dot) WuMo (Mikael Wulff And Anders Morgenthaler)

(green dot) Ziggy (Tom Wilson and Tom Wilson II)

(green dot) (Th)ink (Keith Knight)

Other Links to Comics

(purple dot) Amusing Ourselves To Death By Stuart McMillen May 2009

(purple dot) Bruno Baldwin Comics

(purple dot) Camp Animated Cartoons

(purple dot) Cartoon Art Museum San Francisco, CA

(purple dot) Sam Gross Cartoons

(purple dot) Free Subscription To Multiple Comics Via Searchable, Browsable Comics Database; Email Alerts And RSS Feeds

(purple dot) Comiclopedia: Illustrated Compendium Of Over 6,000 International Comic Artists Biographies And Artwork Examples

(purple dot) Searching For Sequential Art

(purple dot) Original Comic Strip Art, Original Comic Book Art, Original Humorama Art

(purple dot) A Daily Cartoon: Moot Point Comic Strip Paul Dlugokencky

(purple dot) Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index

(purple dot) Daily Updated Political Cartoons From Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index

(purple dot) DC Database Project: Open Source Comics Encyclopedia And Database (Part Of

(purple dot) Funny Pages

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(purple dot) List Of Comics And Editorial Panels

(purple dot) Grand Comics Database ( Comics Database Currently Limited To Published Comic Books And Periodicals Rather Than Newspaper And Web Comics

(purple dot with black border) Links To And Images Of Comic Strips On One Page (Multiple Current Images Until November 18, 2006) (Raghu Angadi)

(purple dot) NCS (National Cartoonists Society) News

(purple dot) New Yorker Cartoons (Including Sam Gross)

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(purple dot) Daily And Weekly Comic Strips And Panels

(purple dot) Editorial Cartoons With Artist List

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